Baby Gem Lettuce, Avacado, & Crispy Bacon Salad, Dressed with Pear & Walnut Chutney

Something a little different for a fresh and simple midweek lunch.

Spicy Rice with Sweet Chilli & Tomato Relish

Take rice to the next level with just a few tablespoons of our Sweet Chilli & Tomato Relish

Mushroom & Red Onion Marmalade Risotto

Try out our take on this Italian classic. Deliciously rich and creamy, beautifully balanced with the rich balsamic flavour of our Red Onion Marmalade

Wake Up Marmalade glazed Pigs In Blankets.

Who said pigs in blankets were only for Christmas time? We spiced up traditional pigs in blankets with a glazed made from our delicious Wake Up Marmalade. Served on a bed of charred leeks .

Mini Marmalade Loaf Cakes

Check out this super simple baking recipe full of beautiful zesty orange flavour glazed with melted Seville Orange Marmalade

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

Lusciously lemony cupcakes. This recipe is perfect for baking with kids.

Greek Yogurt with Blueberry & Lemon Jam, Banana & Toasted Oats

Quick, easy and delicious breakfast. Creamy Greek yogurt, swirled with our delicious Blueberry & Lemon Jam, fresh banana and lightly toasted oats